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Actions For Week 43

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Welcome back to the Action4Assange! This week we will be focusing our efforts on media institutions, supporting whistleblowers/Activist/Journalists, as well as pushing back against the expanding surveillance state.

Julian’s Court Trial Effects All Journalists!
Reach out to these difference media organizations and demand better coverage of Julian’s extradition hearing. Lets explain to them the threat all journalists face if he is sent to the USA for a secret court case under Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) and other equally insane gag orders.

Washington Post
@washingtonpost on Twitter
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New York Times
@nytimes on Twitter
Letters To The Editor or 
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Daily Caller
@DailyCaller on Twitter
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London Real
@LondonRealTV on Twitter
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Australia Broadcasting Company
@ABCaustralia on Twitter
Complaint Line
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BBC World News
@BBCWorld on Twitter
Complaint Line
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Supporting Targets and Journalists

Please donate if possible, if not please share their fundraiser links across social media!

Elizabeth Mueller – Anti-TPP Activist/Organizer
@LizActivate on Twitter

David McBride – Australian Whistleblower
@MurdochCadell on Twitter

Suzie Dawson – New Zealand Journalist and Activist
@Suzi3D on Twitter

Jason Bermas – Activist and Journalist
@JasonBermas on Twitter

Chelsea Manning – Hero and Whistleblower
@xychelsea on Twitter

Official Wikileaks Fundraisers

Pushing Back Against The State

Please sign and/or share these petitions to get people fighting back against the surveillance state!

Paper Ballot Petition

Ban Facial Recognition Petition

Stop The EARN IT Act Petition

Open Letter To Defend Assange

Petitions To Free Julian Assange

Week 42 Tuesday Actions

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Each #FreeAssangeVigil we will be providing coordinated actions for everyone to take, if they so choose, as they are watching/listening to us live. Please share these page as well as the vigil!

Thank you so much for taking action!

Join The Discord Community Click Here
Help coordinate events, volunteer behind the scenes, and build a community with us!

Petitions; Sign, Comment, Share!
Change.Org – Stop The Extradition
EU Petition Pressuring To End Extradition
DiEM25 – Don’t Extradite Assange Petition
Amnesty – Charges Must Be Dropped!
Ban Facial Recognition
Petition For Paper Ballots!
Investigate Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation

Those Who Asked For Assange To Be Sold;
These are the social media accounts and one of the local officer numbers of the Senator’s who demanded Julian’s asylum be revoked. Let’s take this time to educate them about the facts of Julian’s case this evening!

Bob Menendez@SenatorMenendez Local Phone# 973-645-3030
Dick Durbin@SenatorDurbin Local Phone# 312-353-4952
Richard Blumenthal@SenBlumenthal Local Phone# 203-330-0598
Ed Markey@senmarkey Local Phone# 617-565-8519
Michael Bennet@SenBennetCO Local Phone# 303-455-7600
Chris Coons@SenCoonsOffice Local Phone# 302-736-5601
Joe Manchin@Sen_JoeManchin Local Phone# 304-342-5855
Jeanne Shaheen@SenatorShaheen Local Phone# 603-647-7500
Dianne Feinstein@SenFeinstein Local Phone# 415-393-0707
Mark Warner@MarkWarner Local Phone# 804-775-2314

Courage Is More Contagious Then Coronavirus!