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Call To ACTION; Week 60

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We are approaching Julian’s hearing very rapidly, and making noise is extremely important. This week we are going to focus on contacting different departments and offices within the government to demand an immediate end to his rendition. I will include links to news articles you can share about Julian’s torture, trial, and imprisonment.

First I would like to encourage everyone to contact the US Pardon Attorney’s Office and demand the a Presidential Pardon be given immediately.

Information To Share
The hope is to make enough noise that this becomes an issue that the Justice Department cannot ignore. Please share information with them about Julian’s trial, the risk to free press, and the torture he has endured.

Open Letter From Hundreds of Lawyers In Support Of Assange
UN Declared Julian’s Treatment As Torture
Press Freedom Groups Defending Julian
Former Guardian Editor Speaking Up For Julian
Council OF Europe Demanding The Extradition End (Older)
Spanish UC Global Trial About Illegally Surveillance In The Embassy

Contact List

Call To Action; Demand The Hearing Be Heard

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Inspired by Kevin Gosztola’s recent video asking supporters to take up a role in demanding a better video and audio connection for reporters during Julian’s hearing, we have composed a list complaint lines to the different elements of the UK courts and prison system.

There have been consistent issues during Julian’s time in Belmarsh with the courts improper handling of their phone systems which allow anyone to call in and observe the court proceedings live.

Please join us for the rest of this month in contacting different elements of the UK legal system demanding that journalists and the public be given proper access to Julian’s court proceedings.

Email Addresses;

Sample Letter (It is always best to write your own)


I am reaching out to you today because Julian Assange is a political prison being detained within Her Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh for nearly 500 days, and has been held without charge since June 24th, 2020. The UK courts/prisons must take immediate action to ensure the proper technology and staff levels are met to guarantee journalists and the general public can have access to his hearing via phone and video connection.

On August 14th, 2020 Julian Assange appeared in court, but the journalists and members of the public calling in to observe the trial were improperly connect to a different courtroom entirely. This caused those members of the public to be able to hear or report first-hand on this high-profile rendition.

Mr. Assange’s trial is one of the most defining legal battles of our century and the UK courts/prisons has failed to ensure the public can witness adequately. This must change immediately and we demand a statement be issued immediately to correct this further injustice in the UK’s legal system.


Andrew Smith

Call To Action Week 59 Part 1

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We are releasing next week’s call to action a bit early because of the immediate nature of the events. We will be focusing on two recent developments out of English, the ASLEF’s member submitting a letter in support of Julian.

ASLEF; The Train Drivers’ Union

The ASLEF is a union of around 20,000 train and freight drivers throughout the UK. Recently a member of the union submitted a motion to have the union speak up in support of Julian Assange.

Let’s help our friend across the sea in speaking to the ASLEF and ask them to recognize this motion and action in support of Julian!

Email Address; / / / / /

Information To Share;
ASLEF Member’s Open Letter Of Support
National Union of Journalist Supporting Julian
Trade Unionists Backing #FreeAssange Campaign