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Call To Action – Alternative Public Engagement

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We are all aware that big tech companies are censoring any content about Julian Assange and his political rendition. We are asking members of the Free Assange community to help break the online censorship by using more traditional means of public engagement. By using billboards, radio ads, etc to help amplify awareness about his situation we cannot be so easily hidden from the general public.

Below are a few websites which you can use to find your local advertising providers, or get space anywhere in the US.
Skywriting / Airplane Banners

Please email us at if you need help with anything during this process. Thank you so much for taking action!

Joining The Calls To Action!

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The hope is to continue to grow our community of vocal supporters, and the best way to do that is by asking people to take action. This week’s Call To Action is to ask other activist, friends, and co-workers to take part in the recent calls to actions.

Below are four different Actions we did which are still very relevant;
1. Building Support For The Tulsi / Massie Legislation
2. Helping To Defend An Australian Whistle-blower
3. Contacting Journalism Schools / Departments At Universities
4. Demanding Julian Be Pardoned

If you have already taken these actions, please consider doing them a second (or third time) sharing different pieces of information each time. As always, please be respectful and polite when encouraging people to support Julian.

Call To Action – Support HR 8452 and 1175

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A recent set of bills have been released in the House of Representatives by Mrs. Gabbard and Mr. Massie about amending the Espionage and calling for an immediate end to the rendition of Julian Assange.

HR 1175 and 8452

Please take a moment to use This Tool to find your Congress persons and demand that they cosponsor these two major pieces of legislation. Contacting Congress is a website which lets you look up the phone number, email, and social media profiles of your Reps and Senators.

Contact Your City Council!

I also ask that each of you reach out to your city council people to have them demand support of the bill from the Congressional members that represent your city.

Ask your City Council to speak up about Julian’s situation. The information below is a motion passed by Australian Councils that have spoken out in support of Julian Assange.

  1. This Motion from the Melbourne City Council about their support for Julian and Wikileaks with your local councils.
  2. This Article about Melbourne’s support Julian Assange is also another encouraging bit of information which can help provide perspective to your local councilfolk.

Solidarity Action For David McBride

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The Australian government has dropped or delayed many cases recently against journalists and whistle-blowers. We are hoping to press the AU parliament to drop the charges against David McBride.

Please take a moment to email. almost, every member of the Australian parliament and demand the charges against David McBride get dropped immediately.

These are two powerful articles (one and two) about David McBride, his stance against war criminals, and the government’s escalating assault on the press. Please share portions of this article with the elected members of the AU parliament and demand the charges against him be dropped.


Thank you for taking action!